Welcome to Lessons Learned. This online teaching, learning, appraisal and development system has been designed by schools for schools.

It aims to support the development of schools and their staff by:

  • providing each staff member with an individualised area to access their own feedback and development points
  • providing one place to record all support, monitoring, evaluation or appraisal activities
  • creating a record of staff progress, throughout the appraisal process
  • outlining key learning points in a structured and accessible way
  • giving staff a way of keeping a record of their own activities, including evidence of how they have addressed performance management objectives
  • working with our range of frameworks for guiding staff or using the ones your school already has

All data is secure and can only be seen by the correct people. Lessons Learned provides powerful analysis opportunities, with charts, tables and detailed feedback summaries which can be reviewed at different levels within the school:
  • Senior team for whole school development and reporting
  • departmental level to inform team activity and individual support requirements
  • most importantly, at individual teacher level to aid self reflection and development.
Professional Development logs provide summaries of the development needs of every staff member, department or at whole-school level. Staff can track how they have addressed their development needs and logs of staff strengths provide a balanced view.