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News & Alerts

New Module Alert – School Development Planning 

With our new SEF and SDP module, you can create customised, online templates for your SEF and SDP documents which can be used throughout the school to show how both the school and individual departments are progressing with their priorities.

Contact us now too book a free online demonstration on 0800 788 0555 or support@llo.org.uk

Referral Scheme 

Do you have a friendly school within your area you feel may benefit from the Lessons Leaned system? We are currently offering our customers 25% of their current annual licence fee for each school that signs up following a referral.

Our CPD Module is Free!

The Continuing Professional Development Module can be used to keep track of all CPD events attended and requested in your school. You can record every detail, such as who the training was provided by, when it took place, how much it cost, the plan for dissemination, what the expected outcomes were and more. This module also integrates with the Teaching and Learning Development Module and Staff Appraisal and Development Module. Add this module onto your system today for just a one-off set up fee of £100.

Internet Explorer No Longer Supported


We occasionally receive calls from users experiencing issues when displaying and loading certain pages within the system. Upon further investigation it has become clear that these issues are a result of outdated browsers being used. We strongly advise that everyone uses the latest version of a browser such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is no longer updated by Microsoft except for security patches and this means some of the newer features of the system will not work as intended if you are using Internet Explorer or any older browser.

New: My Profile/My Staff Profile

Upon logging into the system, you will now be directed to your 'My Profile' page. Depending on the modules your school is subscribed to, the profile page will display a selection of tables providing you with the most up-to-date information concerning your teaching and learning, performance management and CPD data. 

If you are an appraiser or line manager of, or a member of the SLT with access to all data, you'll also have access to the 'My Staff Profile' screen (found under 'Profile' on the main menu).

For information on other recent updates to the system, please click the link below to see our most recent newsletter: