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Additional modules are available at discounted prices to customers already using Lessons Learned. If you own two modules, each additional module costs just £50 extra per year.

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School Coaching and Professional Growth

Teacher coaching is gaining popularity in UK schools, with more and more schools choosing to switch from a more structured performance management process to an approach that allows more autonomy and encourages staff to take control of their own professional development.

Our online system can help you with your coaching journey!

Fore more information, please visit out website:

Already have the PM Module? Call and speak to our team, if you would like to customise your system to support a coaching style approach to performance management.

New Support on Microsoft Teams

We're extending our support so you can now reach us via Microsoft Teams as well as by phone or email. To send us a message, just use the link below to start a chat with a member of our team:


Official support hours will be the same as they are for phone and email:  9am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, and  9am - 5pm on Friday's. 


Make the Most of Our Free Online Training and Support!

As you may know all our online training sessions are free of charge. Whether it’s a quick refresher session you need, or an in depth look at the analysis screens. We are more than happy to help. To book your free online training, please contact our support team on 0800 788 0555

Download our help guides, to support you through each module: https://lessonslearned.com/lessons-learned-help-guides/

You may also find out Q&A's useful, visit our helpdesk:  http://help.llo.org.uk

The Lessons Learned Subject Development Toolkit

The Lessons Learned Subject Development Toolkit is a supported approach that school leaders can use to evidence, track and improve the intent, implementation and impact of the school curriculum. It is similar to an Ofsted deep dive, but with the emphasis very much on supporting individuals and whole subjects.

Gather Evidence

Use our deep dive style forms to gather evidence for your subject review. Our forms are structured to help narrow your focus and guide you towards an accurate assessment, but they can be tailored to your setting and/or subject areas.

Review + Identify

Pull out the findings from each evidence gathering activity to determine the areas of strength and areas requiring development. As these have been determined from a wide source of evidence, they will help paint an overall picture of curriculum intent, implementation and impact in your subject, and should also allow you to make judgements on leadership, behaviour and personal development.

Playback + Action

Summarise your findings using our 360 review tool, which allows you to create a printable report that contains a visual summary of subject level judgements (in the form of a radar chart) and an actionable list for staff to work towards.

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