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DfE Looking to Appoint Headteacher Reference Group Members

The Department for Education is looking for committed headteachers who would like the opportunity to contribute to national policy through the Primary Headteacher Reference Group and the Secondary Headteacher Reference Group. These groups of primary and secondary leaders act as an advisory body for Ministers and policy makers. This is an excellent opportunity for headteachers to make a lasting contribution to new and existing education policy in England.

The closing date for application is 2nd August 2019. For more information or to apply, please see the Tenderlake post here:


Valuing Time – Monitoring, Evaluation and School Improvement!

Good schools carefully consider the time cost of each of their key activities to ensure they are being efficient but also to manage staff workloads and wellbeing. Such exercises are not always easy but even a back of the envelope estimate of time spent can lead to quite different approaches to school improvement activities. Have you costed time for each of your key school activities?

Read our blog on the topic here: http://forschoolseducation.co.uk/valuing-time-monitoring-evaluation-and-school-improvement/

New Module Alert!

Our new 360 Review module makes use of customisable radar charts (or spider charts) to allow schools and groups to track the progress of any initiative they’ve chosen to set up and follow. An easy example might be ensuring that all teaching staff are meeting the teacher standards. The module can be used by individuals to conduct self and peer reviews, but also by department heads to track progress in a subject or year group or by the SLT to track progress across the school. Completed reviews can then be compared by layering the reviews one on top of the other, giving you instant, high-impact visual reports of progress at all levels. Everything is customisable – the number of different radar charts you have, the spokes that make up those charts, and the scales against which individuals are able to assign judgements for those spokes. You can even include prompts against each spoke to help guide staff with the judgements they make.

If you’d like more information on the 360 Review module, you can find it on our website here: https://lessonslearned.com/lessons-learned-products/360-review/

Looking to reshape your SDP & SEF following the new OFSTED criteria? 

Our School Development Module centres around a powerful custom form builder which can be used to create your SEF and SDP documents online and share them with the appropriate staff. 

Key Benefits

  • Put your SEF and SDP documents online and make them accessible to everyone who needs them
  • Allow subject and year/phase co-ordinators to undertake self review and development planning for their areas of responsibility
  • Allow those co-ordinators to link their priorities back to the school plan
  • Form layout, judgements and sections can be fully customised to suit your school
  • Documents can be published at any time to ensure a paper trail of progress

To book a demo, please get in touch with our support team. 

Online and In School Training Sessions

Need some help getting back up to speed on the system or have a new module that you'd like some guidance on? Book yourself or your staff in for a free online training session with someone from our friendly support team. Prefer face-to-face training? You can also book one of our trainers to come in to school from £350/half day + expenses and VAT.