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New Feedback Feature

If you use the Teaching & Learning module you might have spotted a new feature on the menu - our new feedback forms. These feedback forms can be used to send feedback to multiple staff, subjects, year groups and classes all at once. You can even assign feedback to an entire role (e.g. teachers or SLT).

To get started with the new feature, you'll need to set up a few things in T&L admin first: Feedback Categories, Feedback Types and Feedback Form Types.  if you're keen to get started, please give our support team a call or email us.

Service Notice

Planned Network Maintenance 28th January 10:00 pm – 29th January 5:00 am. Please note there may be system down time within the hours specified.

New Lessons Learned Features


We've released an update that means you can now customise the labels for a range of items across the system, such as subjects, year groups, strengths and development points. You can even change the word 'school' to something more appropriate for your set up, like 'academy' or 'college'.


To make changes to your labels, go to 'Administration' > 'School Admin' > 'School Labels'.

We've also been hard at work on a new module that makes use of radar charts along with an exciting new feature for the T&L module, both of which we expect to release in the next couple of weeks. We'll send you more detail on these soon.

Are You Part of a MAT or Cluster?


Did you know that Lessons Learned offers a Group View feature for MATs and clusters? Group View enables group leaders to get a top level analysis of data from every school in the group, whilst allowing individual schools to continue using their own unique processes and forms.

To find out how Group View could benefit your MAT or cluster, use our interactive tool here:

Staff Appraisal Solution

Our Staff Appraisal and Development Module provides a secure and easy to use system for tracking and managing the whole appraisal process for every staff member in your school

Key Benefits

  • Gives staff access to the appraisal information relevant to them and puts them in control of their own development
  • Allows you to easily identify whole school development priorities.
  • Not just for teacher appraisal – track appraisal of your leadership team, your admin team and anyone else.
  • Ability to create document templates help to speed up the process and ensure consistency across your school.
  • Overview screen allows you to share objectives anonymously with governors and external parties.

To book a demo, please get in touch with our support team.